Car Window Tinting

We can get your vehicle tinted and ready for the sun as soon as you schedule an appointment! 

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Reason #1 For Tinting your Car Windows

Imagine you’re driving down the road with your music cranked up, performing the in-car concert of your life. When you stop next to another car, don’t let embarrassment keep you from belting out the chorus. Get car window tinting services from Magic Auto Glass and Tinting, so the show can go on no matter who’s around you.

Sing and play your air instruments with pride!


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Car Tinting Testimonials

“”Had a appointment at 9am to get my windows tinted and I’m beyond happy and excited I did! It’s affordable and I didn’t have to wait long, and the tint looks amazing, I didn’t even recognize my car when I walked out to see the tint.
His name starts with a J, (Jimmy or Jaime) but he did an amazing job!! Highly recommend this place!

Magic tint did a great job, they came out to my house and gave me a bomb price for ceramic tint on everything and were very quick! Thanks guys

Jaime did any amazing job tinting 2 of my vehicles. He helped with deciding the right level of tint I wanted. We even ended up adding my girlfriends car at last minute. He was so professional and precise. definitely recommend.